About Us



Investorade is a Dallas Texas based real estate investment firm specialized in recreational vehicle and manufactured housing sectors. The principles of investorade have extensive acquisition, construction and property management experience and have built a top caliber Investment Company.

Investorade has facilitated the sale and acquisition of 250 million of discounted real estate. Investorade has raised over 70 million through our current funds investorade capital fund and investorade general RV Resort fund. We have 50 million of committed capital which we are currently investing.

Our Team

Blake DeWitt

CEO of Investorade

Blaz Korosec

Chief Financial Officer of Investorade

Allix Eckermann

Head of Marketing, Sales, and Investor Relations at Investorade

Kim Matthews

Head of Property Management at Investorade

Gordon Firth

Vice President

Zach Moore

Lead Acquisition Manager at Investorade

Alex Gough

Acquisitions and Dispositions Manager


Digital Media Expert