Selling a home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. It can be when you do not know what to expect. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself with knowledge before diving in. Have you considered selling your home to investorade or one of their investors for the best cash home offer? Here are some questions to ask to ensure you’re making the best decision for your situation.

Who is investorade?

Investorade is a local real estate investment company in Dallas, Texas. They specialize in buying homes for a cash offer from homeowners. These home sales typically close fast, often in as little as 14 days. Because the seller receives a cash offer, investorade can offer a quick and easy transaction. No financing contingencies, appraisal, or home inspection requirements are involved.

How Does investorade Differ from other Home Buyers?

Unlike traditional home buyers, investorade buyers are not looking for a place to live. They are typically real estate investors who buy homes to renovate and resell or flip. Because they are not purchasing the home for personal use, they can often make an offer quickly and without the need for a home inspection or other contingencies.

How Do I Know if I Have the Best Home Cash Offer?

If multiple offers from different investorade vetted and preapproved buyers are important to you to ensure you’re getting the best home cash offer, investorade has a program just for this. With investorade, the price that is provided to you at the time of your offer is the one that you will see at the time of closing. It will not change.

Before Selling Your Home, What Fees Will You Pay When Selling to investorade?

Unlike traditional real estate transactions, selling to an investorade approved investor typically involves no closing costs. However, real estate agents and other buyers may charge a fee or commission for their services. Be sure to clarify any fees or commissions upfront before agreeing to sell your home.

What if I Don’t Sell my Home to investorade?

You are under no obligation to sell your home to an investorade approved investor or to accept any home cash offer. If you decide not to sell, simply decline the offer as soon as possible.

Selling your home to investorade or one of our vetted and preapproved investors can be a great way to get the best cash home offer quickly and easily. By asking the right questions and being prepared by doing your research, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free transaction.

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