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We invite investors to explore thousands of homes for sale in Texas using investorade’s exclusive marketplace platform.

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Buy Homes for Cash

Wise real estate investors like yourself know that their business is often very profitable. On average, residential properties have ROIs of 10.6% a year! As an investor, you also know that statistic doesn’t account for all the hard work that you put into finding that property, fixing it up, marketing it, and ultimately flipping it for a profit.

Whether you’re an investor, house flipper, or otherwise looking to get into the real estate industry, Investorade can help you streamline the process.

How? We offer investors and real estate agents an exclusive platform where they can look through available quick cash home sales available in Texas. By joining our group, you can gain access to these awesome and sometimes exclusive listings. Some of investorade’s home listings are 100% exclusive to the platform, and you won’t find that property elsewhere.

Once you find a property you like, you can bid on it or make an offer. If your offer meets approval criteria, then our marketplace will help you close the process as fast as possible. In most cases, we can help you close on your property within a week.

Find out why buying with investorade is different.

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How Buying Properties from investorade Works

First, real estate investors go through an approval process to ensure that their future sales or purchases will go through as seamlessly as possible. Then, real estate investors are welcome to join the marketplace and gain access to our exclusive platform.

Find Homes for Sale

The Texas real estate market is hot right now, so there’s no shortage of homes for sale. If you’re ready to browse through properties that have been vetted by our team, then we want you to join our platform! Find a property that’s right for your needs. The platform is regularly updated, so there is always something new.

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Find the Best Way to Buy

investorade offers programs for cash sales as well as traditionally financed sales. Talk to our team to for more information and guidance on the most appropriate option for you.