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Real estate agents benefit from working with Investorade to buy or sell distressed, foreclosed upon, or problematic properties as-is.

A Different Approach to Home Sales

Selling or buying a home through the traditional process takes, on average, at least a full month. After that process, expect to spend a few more weeks negotiating, closing the deal, and finalizing everything. When the property is in distress, is going through foreclose, or has multiple other problems, then the sale or purchase can take even longer.

Work with Investorade to streamline the whole process.

Investorade can provide you with access to thousands of properties that are available for as-is or cash purchase. We cut through the red tape and help you close on a property you like within a week.

Find Out How We’re Different

How Buying Works

Get details on our process.

Our platform makes it simple to find problematic properties that you can invest in, rehabilitate, or flip. In general, here is how the homebuying process would work for you if you became a partner with us at investorade:

• Firstly, create an investorade account 

• Secondly, start Searching Properties

• Thirdly, make an Offer

• Fourthly, get Your Offer Accepted 

• Lastly, close the Deal at a local title Company 

Seem simple enough? We agree!

Why should you partner with us?

Problem properties can have a listing for months with barely a bite. Investorade can help get a listing sold fast for cash.

When you become an Investorade partner, you get to enjoy a whole host of benefits. First off, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and money sifting through random properties online. Instead, your search is way more efficient when you use our platform.

Even better, you won’t have to stress yourself worrying about repairing a property, getting inspections, or long closings when you buy or sell with us.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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