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Selling your property or home doesn’t have to be a headache or inconvenience. It can be fast and efficient. Need more details? Find out everything you need to know to market your home in Dallas with investorade right here.

Our Selling Programs

Here at investorade, we pride ourselves on being transparent with our homebuying and home selling processes. We want to make sure that home sellers who feel stuck can find a suitable alternative that meets their needs. By connecting interested buyers and sellers, our programs can help you sell your property and home as-is in as quickly as seven days.

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3 Ways to Sell Your Home

Turbo Cash

If you’re ready to sell your home property as-is and for a reasonable cash offer, then our Turbo Cash option is for you. With this option, you simply let us evaluate your property, get a cash offer, accept the offer, and then close the deal. We will take care of any needed repairs on your home.

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Max Offer

Investorade has an exclusive platform where vetted investors can bid on your property. Bidding can help you get the highest cash offer, and some sellers may qualify for a cash advance of up to $5,000.

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We’ve Got Your Back

If Turbo Cash or our Max Offer program don’t give you the offer you’re after, then you can always use our real estate agents to go through the traditional home selling process. We’ll guide you through the whole process and offer you peace of mind. Even better, you’ll have our other options as back ups if you can’t find a solution through a traditional sale.

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Find the Best Way to Sell Your House

Talk to our team about the selling option that will net you the highest home cash offer.