How Does Home Buying Work for Investors?

Investors that buy homes for cash can get the ins and outs of purchasing properties through investorade.

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How Home Buying Works for Investors

  • Contact us for prequalification.
    We vet each investor to protect buyers and ensure that sales transactions are fast and easy.
  • Look through our listings.
    Once you’re approved, you’ll get access to our exclusive platform of thousands of properties.
  • Make an offer.
    When you find a property you like, you can make a cash bid for it.
  • Send the payment and get ready for closing.
    If the seller accepts your offer, you may be able to close on the property as soon as a week.
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Have questions? We’re here to help.

Even if you’re exploring, we’re here to talk through your options. It’s always pressure-free.

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“Joining investorade has been a great investment for me. I can see thousands of properties for sale and filter for the ones that meet my needs.”

Jessica H. Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions for Investors

How do I make an offer?

Every stage of the transaction goes through our platform. When you see a property you could like to bid on, simply click on the offer button.

Who will help with negotiations, inspections, and closings?

Our team members can help arrange these.

How much does it cost to be a buyer with you?

We offer different levels of fees depending on your needs. Contact us and a team member can provide you with more details.

Will I pay double closing fees?

No—you’ll only pay the closing fees due from the buyer.

How do I know if my offer has been selected?

You’ll be automatically informed on our platform if your offer is selected or declined.

Interested in property investment?

Get qualified to access our exclusive list of properties for sale.