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If you are looking for RV parks for sale that are discounted and that are sold for cheaper than market price you are in the right place. Investorade sells RV parks and has RV parks for sale in all price points. Our RV parks for sale sell quickly so continue reading to find out how to score a deal on an RV park. 

RV parks at good prices are tough to find nowadays, many RV park Realtors sell overpriced RV parks and even institutional investors are buying RV parks for sale. Institutional investors are buying RV parks All Over Texas. About 85% of RV parks are still owned by individuals, but the number of private Equity firms buying RV parks will surely Drive the prices up almost to multifamily prices within a few decades. 

Now is the best time if you’re looking for RV parks for sale. We work with all types of RV park investors, most of our clientele are purchasing RV parks for the first time. Our RV parks for sale sometimes have owner financing available which makes purchasing even easier, we can even connect our clients to RV park lenders so that way you know you can fund the deal. We sell RV parks at lower than market prices because our transactions move fast. Now is the best time to get involved in RV parks. If you wait even one year the price is maybe too high to cash flow. 

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We sell RV Parks from three pads all the way to 200 types of RV parks. We sell both types of RV parks, we sell long-term RV parks and we have destination RV parks for sale. Our inventory changes all the time. Sometimes we have as many as five RV parks for sale, but sometimes we only have one RV park for sale. This is because our deal sell fast and at a discount.

We saw time and time again what happens when private Equity firms start buying real estate in one specific asset class. When Black Rock started buying up single family homes, and now with the rise of Airbnb institutional investors are out competing home buyers for houses and the prices have absolutely skyrocketed due to high demand. The same thing will happen to RV parks, we predict all the RV parks for sale now will sell for at least 1.5 times more per site Within 7 years. RV parks are one of the only asset classes you can buy in real estate that you can cash flow. Apartment complexes have become too expensive and the repairs are so costly to keep tenants in an apartment complex. RV parks are totally different while some RV parks have simply exploded in value over the last 5 years some remain affordable and that’s what we sell at investor rate investor rate is an RV park seller.

It makes us happy for our clients to buy RV parks from us, we work hard to negotiate everything for you. Sometimes we’re even able to get our clients extra things when they buy RV parks with us such as side by side Golf Carts and riding lawn mowers that we have negotiated for buyers. Our process is very simple for the RV parks we have for sale, we don’t use real estate brokers or commercial real estate brokers we use our own employees in the office. There are no realtor commissions when you buy an RV Park from investorade. We can provide RV park lenders and advice when purchasing your first RV Park. When you reach out to us, tell us what type of RV park you want to buy, and if you want to buy a campground that is already making money or if you want a small one to expand. We have value add RV parks for sale, all you really need to do is be able to wait for the opportunity that we will send your email.

Just give us a call and tell us what your investment goals are, chances are we have RV parks for sale in Texas that meet your criteria. We cannot stress this enough do not delay when you see a deal that you want. RV parks are becoming very competitive, but with investigate you can still get a deal for an RV park. Sometimes we sell RV parks with ancillary businesses attached, we sell RV parks with restaurants included in the deal, and we sell RV parks with stores included in the deal. One time a client bought an RV park for a discounted price but also but an RV park with a U-Haul dealership included, he is a happy client now. We sell RV parks with lots of land too, something our buyers like is they like buying an RV park that is already stabilized and making money but that has extra land so they can add more sites in the future. We took note of this and these are the type of deals that we offer we have our RV parks for sale with extra land for future expansion. 

Our RV parks that we have usually come with on-site managers or Park host that do most of the work for our clients. During the closing process we make sure that all information is provided to our clients, and we can advise them on if you should keep the existing RV park managers, or if you should hire a different RV park manager. 

Sometimes when buying an RV park you can get an even better deal if you buy an RV park that has very little Financial documents that come with the park. Sometimes our clients get almost $100,000 discount by buying a park with incomplete profit and loss statements. It is often the case with owners of RV parks that they keep poor documents, don’t worry about that. We can work with the sellers to get all the documents you need, but just know that sometimes we don’t have 100% of the documents before closing.

RV parks for sale and campgrounds for sale provide an incredible opportunity for financial Independence. If you self-manage your RV Park, you can pay yourself an extra salary for working at your RV Park. RV parks are truly a legacy to pass on as this asset class will continue to see high appreciation in the future, and with the increase in home prices no doubt more people will live in RVs in in the time to come. 

More and more cities have started to ban the construction of new RV parks. This will only further constrain the supply of RV parks to the market and will increase the price of existing RV parks. When we have RV parks for sale we target areas that are actively growing. Many of our clients have been able to run successful RV parks near cities and have a healthy population demographic of workers and retirees in their RV parks. Sometimes we’re even able to find RV parks right inside the city. One client purchased an RV Park from us directly across a Chick-fil-A and right next to a Whataburger in Ennis Texas. Ennis is one city that has forbade any more RV park developments in the city. This client got a tremendous deal and you can too.

Our clients typically have about 30 days to close the transaction, and with the lenders that we provide or the owner financing it should be easy to close in that time frame. Usually the closing terms and conditions are easy to manage for buyers. We close at a local title company and they are very experienced with 1031 exchanges. They will handle the closing very efficiently for your RV Park. If you do have a 10:31 Exchange a lot of our RV Park buyers use them so that way they can close on RV parks and differ tax. Our Title Company works with all qualified and legitimate 10:31 exchange companies.

In summary, if you’re looking for RV parks for sale you have come to the right place just let us know what you’re looking for and we will match you with the perfect discounted RV Park. It will be better than any deal you could get with the realtor we guarantee it.