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Sell your RV Park: Simplify Sale with Investorade

The last decade has seen massive growth in RV living interest, leading to a growing demand for RV parks. This increased interest has also led to a growth in management and logistical issues for RV park owners needing help to keep up with demand. investorade is here to offer those owners a way out. Sell your RV park to an experienced Commercial Property Buyer and take this weight off your shoulders. Our Dallas, TX-based buyers team offers competitive market prices and a simple and transparent sales process. Learn about our organization and why you should trust the transfer of your RV park to our experienced team.

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You can sell your commercial property simply, as-is, and worry free too!

Why Owners Sell RV Parks

When considering selling an RV park, the choice can be challenging. RV park owners can become attached to their properties, having grown to love the location and the people who stay there. Unfortunately for these owners, an RV park is a business at the end of the day, and businesses sometimes need to be sold.

These reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Economic Shifts – Part of the popularity of RV parks is tied to the housing market, and as the real estate market shifts, so too does the value of RV parks. The perfect time to exit a business is when it is at its peak, getting out before the economy shifts and profits shrink.
  • Changing Lifestyles – We post your commercial property on our exclusive marketplace where thousands of vetted investors bid on your property. You accept the offer you want.
  • Market Trends – Every business, real estate or other, goes through highs and lows. Given the popularity of RV parks, now is the perfect time to get out of the business and get a big payday.

How Investorade Simplifies the Sale Process

Selling an RV park may seem complicated, but that is not true when working with an experienced commercial real estate buying company like investorade. We have over a decade of experience buying and managing RV parks, meaning you can walk away knowing you have left your treasured RV community in good hands. We pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience for RV park sellers. Here’s how:


The investorade team has tremendous experience purchasing many commercial real estate types, but we have excelled in RV park purchasing and management. Our industry expertise means our RV park management team can ensure an above-satisfactory experience for the seller from our initial conversion through the completion of the sale and beyond.

Solving Financial Problems by Selling Your House Fast

Fair Valuation

The investorade team always offers fair market value and operates with transparency when purchasing RV parks. Owners can sell their property with the comfort of knowing that they got a great deal while working with a reputable organization.

Close at a Local Title Company

Smooth Transition

We aim to ensure that every RV park we purchase is as quick and effortless as possible. Our team understands everything required when buying an RV park and takes the time to walk the seller through every step, ensuring a smooth transition from one owner to the next.

The investorade Promise

Our commitment to providing an honest, transparent, and swift transaction is central to our business model. When you choose to sell your RV park to Investorade, our team promises to not only honor or deal – we will honor your RV park. Our team values the time and effort you have put into your property and promises to uphold the high standards you have set.

At the core of our operations is a commitment to trust, transparency, and timely transactions. When you choose to sell your RV park to investorade, you’re partnering with a team that values your legacy and seeks to uphold the standard of excellence you’ve set.

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Preparing to Sell Your RV Park

When the time comes for you to enter into a for-sale-by-owner contract with investorade, there are a couple of things you can do to help speed up the process. Addressing outstanding maintenance items helps our team and yours better understand the needs of your RV park and what we might have to take care of upon purchase.

Another way you can help ease the transition process is by having your documentation ready at the time of the sale. By organizing your permits, licenses, and financial records, you can help our team quickly assess your RV park and process the sale.

Lastly, engage with your community. We understand that the occupants of your RV park have come to know you and the service you provide them as the business owner. Your transition away from that role might worry some of your more loyal locals, so we advise that you speak to your residents to let them know that a change is coming. This will help them understand that you are not just selling out, but instead, selling to a company that will honor and respect the place they call home.

RV Park Acquisitions in Texas

For RV park owners looking to sell, choosing to do so can be difficult. The pairing of financial and personal history can create strong emotions, and the financials of the transaction add one more element to the mix. Let our team help guide you through this process. investorade is here to help, standing with you through every step of the sales journey. We know you will be glad you worked with us by the end of your RV park sale. Contact investorade today to learn more about selling an RV park!

How do I calculate the value of my RV park?

Evaluating your RV park’s value involves considering location, amenities, and market demand. Investorade offers expert guidance, ensuring accurate assessments and the best cash offers for your property.

How profitable are RV parks?

RV parks can be highly profitable, with income from guests and potential property appreciation. Investorade understands RV park investments, offering competitive cash deals, maximizing your profits swiftly.

Where is the best place to sell an RV?

Investorade stands out as the best platform to sell your RV. With our top-notch cash offers and seamless process, we ensure a hassle-free experience, making us the ideal choice for selling your RV quickly and efficiently.

What is the fastest way to sell an RV?

Selling your RV swiftly is our expertise at Investorade. Our streamlined process and attractive cash offers ensure a rapid transaction, making us the fastest and most reliable option for selling your RV hassle-free.