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Get the Highest Cash Offer for Your Foreclosure House and Close Quickly! Guaranteed.


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How it Works

Sellers in foreclosure love that our process is simple, transparent, and fast!

Step 1

Get Offer in Minutes

Tell us about your home in foreclosure, we’ll listen to your goals and current situation and go over all the possible solutions with you.

Step 2


Meet your friendly investorade representative in person. We’ll do a 15-minute walk through of the property in foreclosure and take a few photos.

Step 3

Close at a Local Title Company.

If you live in the property in foreclosure, you will be provided time to move stress-free, and the closing will take place before the auction date.

Over 1200 Sellers Have Sold to investorade!

You can sell your home simply, as-is, and worry free too!

Us vs the Other Guys

Not only do we pay more for foreclosure houses, we pride ourselves in customer service.

  • No hidden fees, No Commissions, Zero Closing Costs
  • The Price you are Offered is the Price at Closing. No Price Reductions Ever!
  • Close Quickly Without Doing Any Repairs!

Other “Home Buyers”

  • Frequent price reductions
  • Contract Cancellations Resulting in Bank Repossessions
  • Close Quickly Without Doing Repairs

The House Foreclosure Experts

We have helped thousands of homeowners save their credit, get cash for their home in foreclosure and allow them time to move.

We have seen many situations where predatory homebuyers cancel contracts at the last second resulting in good people losing their homes. The sooner you call investorade (the foreclosure experts) the more options are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stop my foreclosure?

Yes. You can file bankruptcy, but the process takes an extended amount of time and money. Most sellers aren’t able to file bankruptcy before their auction date. In addition, bankruptcy and foreclosure can stay on your credit report for up to seven years.

How do I know my payoff amount?

Call your mortgage company and ask them “What is my payoff amount if paid in full today.” Remember that everyday the amount increases due to taxes, fees and interest.

I can’t go to the title company, can I get a mobile notary on my closing day?

Absolutely. Many Sellers Choose to close in the comfort of their own homes. A licensed notary can be sent to your home on the day of closing from the title company.

happy family packing

“My family trusted investorade when we hit hard times. We closed on time and for the price they offered. It was one less thing to worry about.”

-Barney and Trina Ross

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