It’s a seller’s market in Texas right now, but these favorable housing market conditions won’t last forever. If you want to take advantage of the market, then your best bet might be to sell to or through investorade.

Why? Find out the top five reasons so many homeowners are choosing to work with us below.

1. Our Offers are Fair and Competitive

One of the biggest reasons you should sell through investorade is because we offer fair market and competitive prices for your home. Unlike some of our competitors, we do not put our trust in computer algorithms to determine the value of your home. Instead, we determine the value of your home based on the home’s condition and the area it’s located in. Our employees in the office take the time to hand-review your house and provide you with an offer.

Even better, our offers don’t come with hidden fees or secret contract clauses. All too often, our competitors will put hidden clauses in contracts that protect the company. For instance, they may put in small print that they can extend the home closing indefinitely until the property is empty. You could be under a false impression if you don’t read that clause. We don’t subscribe to those types of deceptive practices here at Investorade.

2. Forget the Extra Charges Often Associated With Selling Your Home

Another reason you should opt to sell through Investorade is that we won’t charge you a ton of extra fees like other companies. With Investorade, you won’t have to pay extra commissions, repair costs, or closing fees.

This fact is important to remember, though. In general, other companies may provide you with a higher initial offer, but that’s because they expect you (the seller) to pay for these fees. In that way, the initial offer is a bit deceptive. We don’t play those games. Instead, we offer you a straightforward offer without the extra addition of fees.

3. We’re a Family-Owned, Local Business

Nothing is more difficult than attempting to sell your home through an out-of-state company. While many nationally recognized companies offer awesome deals, you may not be able to speak with someone face to face or even over the phone if you have questions or concerns.

One of the best benefits of working with Investorade is that we’re a family-owned, local business. We encourage sellers to stop by the office to meet the team. If you’re struggling to get in touch with an out-of-state business or you want our team to look over your contracts with you, then we’d be happy to schedule a time to meet.

4. We Won’t Give Up on Your Property Even if it’s Difficult

Here at Investorade, we understand how difficult it is to get stuck with an unwanted property that won’t sell. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in the property to make it more attractive, then it could sit on the market for months. We can help you handle difficult properties. If your property currently has tenants living in it, then we will work hard to help you and the tenants find a solution. If you’re struggling with title issues, then we can help with that, too!

5. We Care!

In the age of technology, this advantage can’t be underestimated. At Investorade, our representatives are compassionate and caring. Our company was founded with the intention of stopping predatory wholesaler tactics. With that in mind, our agents are not interested in seeking out the maximum profit or taking advantage of sellers. Instead, we want to help every seller make an informed decision that will benefit them.

Are You Ready to Sell to investorade?

All these reasons should provide you with a solid foundation as to why you should partner with Investorade to sell your home. This article isn’t a comprehensive list of all the advantages you’ll enjoy, though. On top of everything explained above, your transaction will also be handled with confidentiality and privacy. You’ll be working with a real human, not an algorithm or bot. We actually care about your success and well-being, so consider working with us to sell your home.

So, are you ready to sell through Investorade? Get more details about our selling options, or feel free to reach out to one of our advisors directly at (844) 462-9637. We look forward to working with you!

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